Three Minute Warning

by Kremated

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Kremated's second release, and their first full length album.


released May 16, 2014


all rights reserved



Kremated London, UK

Kremated are a London Thrash band with uncompromising and brutal live shows and 2 albums released
We don't do subtlety, this is "in your face" Thrash, with solid, fast riffing, mixing in a drop of New York Hardcore. The band's motto is "Thrash Ain't Dead", and we intend to prove it. This is ugly, powerful Thrash Metal, played from the heart, and it shows.
"Inspired crossover" (Metal Hammer).
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Track Name: Wake The Fuck Up
Violence reigns and fists will fly
Frenzied pain, blood in your eyes
You're on your back, your life ain’t spared
Heads will crack, vacant stare

Make a stand, you try in vain,
Clench your fist, you lost again
It’s time for torment, here it comes
Piss me off, your world goes numb

Make a change, show your rage
Moving on, set upon
Need to shout, let me out
Acting tough, shut your mouth
Wake the fuck up

Stuck in bed, with broken bones
No-one helped, to get you home
Clenched fists again, you'll do 'em proud
Just watch your back, next time around

There you are, collapsed in a heap
You braved the pit, you're in too deep
So take control, you won't be led
It's time for action, ‘cause Thrash Ain’t Dead
Track Name: Into Battle
Backstabbing hypocrites standing in line
Try to convince you everything's fine
You lost your job and you lost your home
Left on the street, out on your own

The worlds deteriorating, and there's people getting sick
Never trust authority or politicians tricks
Rising up across the land with bricks and bombs and guns
Fighting for their destiny / Fighting for our victory
Here we go into battle

They create situations and make an excuse
Suck in and spit out the people they use
We know what they're doing, no smoke without fire
Blame it on others when they are the liars

End the corruption
Embrace destruction
Marching off to war
Here we go, into battle
Track Name: Three Minute Warning
Bombs overhead, the sky is black
Your gonna die, the warheads attack
Piles of bodies, starting to grow
Discarded humans, corpse overflow
Stupid war, they won't learn
Nations fight, bodies burn

Missiles away, too late to fight
Self destruct failure, light up the night
No-one can help you, saving your souls
Man vs heatwave, unstoppable
Stupid war, they won't learn
Nations fight, bodies burn

Still it continues, 'til nothing is left
Madmen in bunkers, bringing your death
Three minute warning, sirens so loud
Burnt to a crisp, scattered around
Stupid war, they won't learn
Nations fight, bodies burn
Intense heat, killing all
Genocide, man shall fall
Kremated, Kremated, Kremated, Kremated
Kremated, Kremated, Kremated, Kremated
Track Name: Metal Anarchy
Check out Warfare, a great band from back in the day, they wrote this. I do not have permission to reproduce the lyrics here.
Track Name: Until The End
People say that you are cracking up
Look inside your head and you will find
Evil lurking deep within
Little cracks inside your mind

You give it out, take it away
Another game, another day
You won't be happy 'til I'm lying on the floor
With a razor in my wrist and a note on the door
Using abusing and messing with my head
Another victim in a trail of dead

There's too many just like you about
Your nasty little ways will catch you out
Rumours spread and stories grow
Blocking up the overflow

A mind has snapped, can't take no more
Trying to fight a private war
Against an enemy, against a friend
Deteriorating, until the end

Taking more than you will ever need
Spit it back, exhibit selfish greed
Worry for your mental health
Thinking only of yourself

I gave it out, I'll take it away
The final game, the final day
I won't be happy til you're lying on the floor
with a razor in your wrist and a note on the door
Now your conscience messed with your head
The final victim in your trail of dead
Track Name: Fighting For Your Life
Left alone for all these years, treated like a fool
Never made a good impression, in and out of school
Hangin' round a no good crowd, never fearing death
Violence, theft and alcohol, linger on your breath
Then one day you took a knife, suddenly your gone
Life becomes a deadly game, something's going wrong!
Fighting For Your Life

Stuck in a loop, and wondering why
Was it a threat, or a bottle run dry?
Running amok, stopped by the police
Stuck in a cell awaiting release

Dragging you home, your parents go mad
Not what they wanted, but you ain't sad
Dreams turn to dust, this isn't you
You start to imagine what you could do

Crazy and sick, wrong in the head, slowly going insane
Mental and mad, I want you dead, self medicating with pain
Battling through, coming for you, now my revenge is sweet
Chopping you up, running you down, frenemies turn to meat
Fighting For Your Life

Later on the years go by, you try to find a life
Cut your hair and get a job, a girlfriend then a wife
Walking home you hear a shout, and see a looming threat
Shadowy figures coming fast, it's you they're out to get
On the floor and kicked some more, you see a flash of steel
Wake up in intensive care, this is how it feels
Fighting For Your Life
Track Name: Death Is The Answer
There is nothing left for you, wish your life away
Get up in the afternoon, later every day
Closer to the breaking point, bills about to drop
Life ain't got a rewind switch, just fast forward or stop

Left on the shelf, cant see yourself
Watching the mirror turn black
Self termination, death is the answer
You're never coming back

You've had enough, you're checking out
Suicide without a doubt, you're gonna die!

Curse your own existance, now it's time to admit
Running out of options, your life has turned to shit
Buy a load of sleeping pills, Vodkas in the fridge
Swigging down the deadly brew and jumping off a bridge

Waiting for the death express, sweating to the max
Hope nobody finds your body splattered on the tracks
Shooting up a massive hit, junkie overdose
In the gutter off your head, the reapers getting close
Track Name: Bulletproof
You can say just what you like, bragging to your friends
Don't you try to start a war you know you'll never end
Think that you know everything, think you look the part
Try and try and try again, then go back to the start

Your arrogant illusions are gonna bring you down
Save your ammunition, we're bulletproof

Heres a fucking wakeup call, it's time to realise
You think you’re on top of the world, we’re plotting your demise
Think that you know everything but you're just full of shit
21st century Metal scene, your face just doesn't fit

Your decadent delusions are gonna bring you down
Save your ammunition, we're bulletproof

We're gonna get you, we're on your tail
And if you ain’t with us, you’re know you're gonna fail
Power and anger will go hand in hand
Delivering Metal, the final command

Your arrogant illusions will never bring us down
So stay the fuck away, we're bulletproof
Bullet, bullet, bulletproof
Track Name: Violent Death
Tired and cold in the still of the night
Trying to get home the cold starts to bite
Taking a short cut, a walk through the park
Evil and madness prevail in the dark

Razor ripping, acrid breath
Torture, kill, violent death

Clenching his fist round the weapons of choice
Death is the answer and violence his voice
Look all around you, he's on the attack
The next thing you feel is a knife in your back

Wake up tomorrow, you don’t know where you've been
Broken glass stuck in your hands and bloodstains on your jeans
You find a knife in your pocket, it gives you a clue
Then you suddenly realise the killer is you
Nausea growing, it's taking over your mind
You realise just what you’ve done, disgrace to humankind
Tossing and turning, your conscience starts to burn
Look in the mirror, the killer will return
Track Name: Spit My Rage
Check out Terror, they wrote this. I do not have permission to reproduce the lyrics here.
Track Name: Pushed Too Far
I am seething, still believing
Drowning sorrow no tomorrow
Mind is hazy driven crazy
Direct action satisfaction
Don't you forget it's you that I hate

Left for dead by a so called friend
Pushed too far, around the bend
Mother Daughter, Father Son
you want answers, here they come

Watch your back, I'm coming in
Drowning in a sea of Gin
Chop a line and roll a blunt
Time is up you fucking cunt
Don't you forget it's you that I hate

I am going to get you on your own
And take you somewhere quiet
Where no-one will hear you screaming
Then I'm gonna cut your fucking throat

Violent outburst coming fast
Faded glory of the past
Don't you play abusive games
Hang your fucking head in shame

I won't cry when you are dead
Burn to death in your own bed
Fatal car crash, hit a truck
When you're dead I won't give a fuck
Don't you forget it's you that I hate

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